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May 26, 2014 | Getting traffic, Marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to get your blog up and running fast…
  • How to get to that magical first 1,000 blog subscribers…
  • How to craft (and title) the perfect lead magnet for your audience…
  • The exact number of opt-in forms you should place on your blog (and where they need to be)…
  • What to say on your “Thank You Page” that will turn subscribers into profit…IMMEDIATELY, and…
  • How to setup Google Analytics the right way (so you can track based on SPECIFIC traffic sources)…
  • The 7 simple traffic-getting “campaigns” you can leverage as a new blogger…
  • The simple campaign we rolled out that got us 250+ subscribers in 18 hours (and it only cost us $25!!!)
  • 3 totally free traffic methods. (These require a little “grunt work,” but the payoff is quick and VERY worth it.)
  • How to measure the performance of each traffic source so you can cut off the losers and scale the winners…

Would you like to have your target market actually READ your ad?

Would you like it if they took the time to WATCH your sales video?

Maybe you have noticed that the click through rate on banner ads and the usual forms of media advertising isn’t as high as you would like it to be.

If you have been marketing for any length of time I bet you have noticed a real drop in your return on your paid advertising.

This is because of what is called “banner blindness”

People purposefully are adverting their eyes AWAY from your banner ads because they KNOW they are ads and don’t want to be sold to.

How in the hey can you get them to pay attention then?

By disguising your ads as content!

You have probably noticed that the Facebook feeds are speckled with advertising. It looks just like anyone else’s post but is paid to be in your feed.

It gets shared and liked and clicked on.

If done right it will even get MORE interaction than a regular feed – why? Because it is written for engagement.

Ever notice the headlines on Upworthy?

If your friends wrote headlines like that they’d get clicks too. Try it out, post a pic of something and headline it with:

“What Happens When One Queer Beauty Queen Speaks Up For The Voiceless.”

See how the clicks go for you Download Ryan Deiss - Native Ad Academy

But it gets better…

What are Native Ads?

The term “Native Advertising” refers to the style of ads that seem to blend in with the existing content.

For example; the Google AdWords ads mostly look just like the rest of the search results. Now (depending on where you live) they have a pinkish (or is it salmon?) background or a notice indicating it is an “Ad”


This Training Includes…
Creating Native-Worthy Content
Leveraging Facebook’s Native Ad Platform
Leveraging Twitter’s Native Ad Platform
Leveraging YouTube and LinkedIn
Leveraging Recommended Content Platforms
Advanced Tactics and “Sneaky Tricks”

Course preview and screenshots

Download Ryan Deiss - Native Ad Academy  Download Ryan Deiss - Native Ad Academy
 Download Ryan Deiss - Native Ad Academy  Download Ryan Deiss - Native Ad Academy

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Ryan Deiss – Native Ad Academy Contains: Videos, Documents….

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