Hidden Inside The “Invisible Selling Machine” Book, You’ll Discover…

  • The “B x D + C Formula that guarantees higher opens, clicks and more sales from your email list…
  • The 7-day sequence that strikes a perfect balance between revenue-generation and relationship building…
  • Where you should send ALL your clicks in virtually EVERY promotion…
  • EXACTLY how many times per week you should email your list…
  • The 5 phases of the ultimate email “game-plan” and how they fit together to enhance your customer relationships…
  • What you must do with subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked one of your emails in 60 days…
  • And much more!

Section 1: Introduction To Invisible Selling
Chapter 1: How To Create Money Out of Thin Air
Chapter 2: But Will This Work For YOUR Business?
Chapter 3: One Problem, Two Mistakes and One Big, Fat LIE About Email Marketing
Section 2: The 5 Phases of Invisible Selling
Chapter 4: The 5 Phases Explained
Chapter 5: Phase 1 – Indoctrination
Chapter 6: Phase 2 – Engagement
Chapter 7: Phase 3 – Ascension
Chapter 8: Phase 4 – Segmentation
Chapter 9: Phase 5 – Re-Engagement
Section 3: Optimizing Your Invisible Selling Machine
Chapter 10: How To Craft Emails That Convert
Chapter 11: My 100 Best Email Subject Line Templates
Chapter 12: 8-Point Lead Magnet Checklist
Chapter 13: 16-Point Landing Page Checklist
Chapter 14: Big Traffic…Big List
Chapter 15: Unleash Your Machine

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