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The process is pretty cut and dry, and not to be over thought.

Real quick, if you’re not going to trust me or can’t handle me being me, then there are 3 other gentleman that I have known for years, done business with & trust. They have excellent information on this Facebook stuff as well, they are: Don Wilson, Tanner Larsson, or Ben Adkins.

Here are the steps to the process:

Don’t worry, you’re going to have a chance to grab more advanced and very in-depth training from me.

Right now, I just need to make sure you can walk before you try to take off at a dead sprint!

Step 1) Come up with a design that you can “scale”. Scaling does not mean how many you can sell to just one niche, rather how many niches can you sell ONE design in. IF I have design that says “Uncles are awesome!”and it converts, how can I scale it to replace the word “Uncles”with another niche? I can think of 100s of things to replace that word. “Uncles are awesome”. That is “scale”, same design, 100s of niches.

Visual representation of “scale”as these are all different niches with the same designs.

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And here is the visual representation of the shirts selling:

1 idea, 1 design that worked, 1 scaled out campaign. Once you nail this down, and this clicks –it’s just like printing money.

Step 2) Set up your Teespring.com listing with simple ad copy (here is their FAQ, launching is easy) I feel like less is more here. Just make sure you overcome one of their biggest objections and that is “can I trust this website to send money too?”. I just put in the copy that payments are secured by: PP, Visa MasterCard, the name of the shirt, and that is it.

Step 3) Create a post on a Facebook Fanpage so that you can run an advertisement to it. Don’t over think this part please, I spend maybe 5 minutes setting this up. Create page, upload image, write short ad copy, and then move to step 4. Looks something like this:

Download Ryan McKinney - T-Shirt Tango

Step 4) Create a custom audience so that we can perform sequenced marketing to the traffic if warranted (I cover sequenced marketing in Step 7). This is where I see a lot of people leaving money on the table.

In the advanced training, I show you real examples, numbers, and ad copy on how I “tell my stories”to the audience.

Using “pattern interrupt”, the NLP technique I mentioned earlier. Not to get nerdy and wordy, the basics are this:

We know they’ve seen our ad, they expect us to advertise some more, they’ve seen ALL kinds of boring and bland basic “re-targeting” ads. These ads use use to be a form pattern interrupt on their own when the practice first started years ago.

Old Pattern Interrupt: HEY! I WAS LOOKING AT THAT SHIRT EARLIER, HOW THE CRAP AM I SEEING THIS AD AGAIN??! ..Now it’s expected and their mind glazes right over it.

I’ve innovated my own solution to this problem & with my method it is impossible for you to ever get “glazed” over as just “another ad”

Which means that…

I am able to turn $5-10 ad spends into $50-$150 over and over. No luck here, just a system and process with good marketing fundamentals. This is advanced, make sure you stick to the basics for now which is creating your custom audience inFacebook.

Let’s get to the next step.

Step 5) Set up an advertisement and run traffic to your post, initial testing and a SNEAKY way to find the best interest to test your money on . I’ve spent 10_s of thousands in testing and I have a lot of data. When you are setting up your advertisement in the Facebook Ads Manager and selecting the “interests” (who you will show your ad too) make sure you put your self in their shoes as much as possible! You are looking for people who really care about the interest!

When you are setting up these ads in this part of the process, just think to your self: “Does the person who likes this, really, really, really care about this interest?”

In the advanced training, I will share my sweet spot for a testing budget, the way I set up my ads, my decision making on when to stop or not, how I scale into 1 niche and why you should look at each ad differently

I will also dissect types of images, clickable images vs non-clickable pros n’cons of both, what I personally do and why BUT I will let you decide in the end…

(The Advanced training is going to revolutionize your targeting, I promise. You’ll thank me later for not letting the advanced stuff out for free.)

You still with me? Ready for the next step?

Step 6) Monitor your return on investment (ROI), kill the losers, and let the winners ride! Here is where I do things different than any other thing I have seen taught as well, and why “doubling down daily” destroys your ROI. I suggest to all people who are “newer” not to double down, it’s your choice…just be careful on this step.

In the advanced training: I go in depth on how to pause an ad midway through a campaign and start a sequenced story to bring your ROI back up AND THEN “turn the ad back on to your main audience”. I show you how I use scarcity to drive sales and why you are doing it wrong.

Step 7 is near and dear to my heart and step 8 is extremely important if you want to have consistent paydays .

Step 7) Perform “Sequenced Marketing” to the audience you should have built in “step 4_. Just get an advertisement in front of them! This is the cheapest and most targeted traffic you’ll be able to tap into. Because, believe this image when it tells you:

Download Ryan McKinney - T-Shirt Tango

If you’re going to grab the advanced training you are going to learn: How I do “retargeting or remarketing” differently, I share examples, I show the exact ad copy and how to utilize all of the real estate allotted that no one else thinks to do!! This is literally “thinking outside the box”. You’ll see a tremendous increase in your sales vs. lame ol’ bland “retargeting”.

Step 8) Get horizontal! Scaling left and right into other Markets. Let’s do it like they do it on the guru channel! You have to come up with ideas that work in several dozen “niches” to keep consistent paydays. You have to spread out your risk. THEN, and ONLY THEN, do you focus on how to scale vertically into a winner. This is when “to double down, or not to double down your daily adspend” comes into play again (I referred to in step 6).

In the advanced training: I cover why scaling is important if you want consistent paydays and how to properly scale

I also teach you how to spend a few bucks to determine the best place to spend your “test” advertising budget! No one is doing this . Time after time, it has proven to be my best foot forward when choosing an audience to test!

Most people just say “Spend $20 bucks and TEST!” – but I take it a step further by showing you where and how to use micro spends of a few bucks to find out where to test that $20! I mean shit, if I am going to light money on fire (test)… I at least want some gasoline to give me a better chance (micro spends).

That’s it. In a nut shell that is “the process”.

The real magic… the stuff that will keep you up at night with excitement, the stuff that is going to take you from “failing” or “mediocre” to the most well equipped Facebook Marketer in your city, the stuff I spent 10s of thousands on testing, innovating, and figuring out my system.

That is in the Advanced training part…

I’m calling it “The T-Shirt Tango” … for the slow ones :-).

The Advanced Training consist of:

-> A concise and to the point PDF. I dig deep into each of the 8 steps in the process, you’re going to see and learn things that will without a doubt make things “click” for you. Some “AHA!” moments are in your future inside that PDF

I ALSO have 3 “Over The Shoulder” Videos that are going to change the way you build an audience to market to FOREVER:

-> How I build my audience using audience insights, the thought process, and how I use this to really drill into my audiences demographics.. (12 minutes of exactly what you need to see)

-> A new tactic to finding audiences using Google in a particular way only shared with close friends, employees, and now you (5 minutes of exactly what you need to know)

-> This video almost never made it to this course & the public because it is a ridiculously cunning tactic that has been RIGHT under all of our noses and NO ONE but my crew is doing it. (7 minutes of exactly what you need to see)

These 3 videos combined will put your targeting on high-beam laser focused & any other synonym to “laser”and change the way you make money online using Facebook, FOREVER.

I don’t give a damn if you sell T-shirts, cup cakes, homes, raise money for investments, hold local events, or sale car insurance. My methods are going to change the life circumstances of several dozen marketers who choose to make the investment.

You can quote me.

After you go through my PDF & Videos, you’ll routinely log in to your Facebook Ads account to see stats like this:

Download Ryan McKinney - T-Shirt Tango

Course preview and screenshots

Download Ryan McKinney - T-Shirt Tango Download Ryan McKinney - T-Shirt Tango
 Download Ryan McKinney - T-Shirt Tango  Download Ryan McKinney - T-Shirt Tango

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Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango Contains: Videos, PDF

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