Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator 2016

Jun 14, 2016 | Growing business

What It Takes (Step by Step)

To Build A Six Figure Consulting Business





2016 Is The BEST Time To Get Started With Your Own Business Even if You Think You Don’t Have The Skills Yet



“How I Get Consulting Clients To Happily Pay Me Five & Six Figures Consistently. Without Being Established Or Salesy

  • How to start a consulting business from scratch.
  • How to pick a niche and craft your high ticket offer today.
  • How to get consulting clients on demand and with predictability.
  • The math to making $100k consulting quickly.




Is consulting even scalable?

I found this question a lot, regarding R.O.T.I. (return on time invested) concerned if whether or not you can truly have the ability to scale and serve as many clients as you can get. That’s a great question because I focused primarily on how to gain new clients during the webinar.

Naturally, no one wants to leave their 9–5pm job only to be glued to their computer serving clients all day leaving with no freedom to enjoy the money their making. The Consulting Accelerator teaches a different method where you can serve more clients, in less time.


What if I don’t have any experience?

When I first started out in my parents garage I had no experience whatsoever. I failed, and failed but I kept remembering what Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. It’s my job to see you successful, and to make sure you don’t fail as much as I did.


Will this program work for people living outside of the U.S.?

Yes, absolutely. I teach the same strategies I have been using since living in New Zealand which has since then given me the opportunity to expand to the U.S. where I now reside in downtown Manhattan, NYC.


Will this for me if I’m an introvert and not comfortable with selling?

Absolutely because I provide my tested sales scripts that I personally use that you can literally copy for yourself. Just like Anna posted in the consulting community that she was extremely red in the face but because of my script she was able to close the deal and begin working together the following week.




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