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This is an excellent opportunity to be a part of a definitive guide to Email Marketing. As an experienced email marketer I can tell you first hand that no one is going to hold your hand through anything. They’re not going share their secrets or techniques and why should they?
Black Hat Email Marketing is a sparsely discussed topic on the web. They’re many tools, methods and means. But most of the information and software is incomplete in the sense of really laying down the process for you. That’s where this course comes in. It’s all encompassing covering every aspect of email marketing. I’ll let video below give you an overview and if you’re inclined you can be one of the few users to take advantage of my years of experience in the industry…

Download Soma56 - Blackhat Email Marketing

Topics Covered:

Can Spam Compliant Act – What does it mean? How is it defined?
Affiliate Marketing Companies – Good, Bad and Ugly
Affiliate Marketing Offers – which ones to choose, which ones to avoid
Black Hat Emailing Techniques – detailing a variety of specific techniques on how to make money through black hat emailing
Black Hat Mailers – A review of the most notorious BH mailers past, present, future what’s effective and what’s obsolete
Whit Hat Mailers (A review of the most common white hat emailers and systems
Proxies, email accounts, etc. – A look at how send emails through proxies and emails, which ones to use and where to get them
Legality of Emailing – A thorough discussion on the role of organizations such Spamhaus and Spamcop a look into their past legal issues and how some people say they use intimidation and discrimination against people and organizations
How to detect and report Spam Everything from analyzing the header of messages to forwarding spam to the proper authorities
Go Daddy Mailing Method An ingenious method of mailing through Go Daddy’s servers a step by step outline of what’s involved
My Secret PCT Formula The keys for you to create your own highly intelligent means of communicating to your target niches

Course preview and screenshots

Download Soma56 - Blackhat Email Marketing Download Soma56 - Blackhat Email Marketing
 Download Soma56 - Blackhat Email Marketing  Download Soma56 - Blackhat Email Marketing

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Soma56 – Blackhat Email Marketing Contains: Videos, Scripts