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+ Module 1: Who, What, Where – in this short module we explain the overall process as well as giving you the exact roadmap for getting the most out of this training as quickly as possible.

+ Module 2: Who To Target – discover exactly which businesses are perfect for the Speed Client system and how to find the lowest hanging fruits in ANY local area.

+ Module 3: The Godfather Offer – an overview of each component of the speed client system, as well as the benefits it provides to the local business and how to quickly “assemble” it for success.

+ Module 4: Prospecting Made Easy – step by step breakdown of the various ways you can get the most lucrative businesses to want to pay you!

+ Module 5: Get That Check! – exactly how to “sell” each client, including asking for the order and taking the monthly payments.

+ Module 6: Service Fulfillment – how to outsource each part of the Speed Client system… pay pennies to outsource what local businesses are paying you THOUSANDS of dollars for…

+ Module 7: Advanced Tactics – including how to get a bump on the initial order, plus cross-selling and upselling opportunities for local businesses…

Plus, These Bonuses!

1. Client Information Pack – a Word document to give to a client once you make the sale. They fill this out, and 95% of your outsourcing is already done for you!

2. PowerPoint/Keynote Sales Template – quickly modify this sales template to close almost any local business effortlessly.

3. The Laminated Cash Machine – pull this out when you ask for the order to guarantee you get the highest price possible for your services!

4. Step by step videos you can give to ANY outsourcer to fulfill the Speed Client services

5. And much, much more including credit card authorization forms, survey card, press release template, US Business directory, prospecting script, etc.

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Download Speed Client Formula Download Speed Client Formula
 Download Speed Client Formula  Download Speed Client Formula

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Speed Client Formula by Jason Fladlien Contains: Audios, Videos, PSD Graphics, Templates, Bonuses