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Aug 26, 2014 | e-Commerce

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Follow A Proven Step By Step Process To Starting A Successful Online Store And Becoming Your Own Boss

Chances are, you found this website because you’re tired. You’re tired of working at your day job. You’re tired of having to drag yourself out of bed every day to spend 8 hours at a place you don’t even like. You’re tired of having to answer to someone else.

After all, it’s about time you called the shots and became your own boss. It’s about time you set your own schedule. It’s about time you took charge of your life. Bottom line, wouldn’t you rather be spending more time with your kids or your friends and family?

Most people think that starting your own business is too risky. If you read the paper or watch the news on television, you’ve probably heard by now that 90% of small businesses fail during their first year of business. And if you pay attention to this statistic, you’re making a huge mistake.

Why? It’s because most of the people who fail don’t know what they’re doing. Most people who fail jump right in without doing the research. Most people who fail have no clue how to market their business.

Honestly, anyone can put up an online store website, but the difference between success and failure is your ability to drive targeted customers to your website and your ability to complete the sale.

Myth #1: Starting A Business Is Too Risky

Most people think that starting their own business has to be an expensive and risky endeavor. While it is true that many successful entrepreneurs self-fund their startups by racking up massive debt on their credit cards, it definitely does not have to be that way.

In fact, my wife and I launched our first online store while both working full time jobs. And with just $629.90 initially invested into the business…

We managed to earn $102,113 in profit within the span of a year from our niche online store

Thanks to the Internet, starting your own online business is as inexpensive and risk free as ever. One of the most amazing aspects of running an online business rather than a traditional brick and mortar store is that you can reach hundreds of millions of potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By setting up a computer to manage your storefront for you, you can create a business that can be run for as little as $4.95 a month while freeing up your time to do things that you actually enjoy.

The best part about opening a store online is that your business will continue to grow as word of mouth travels about your store and you become further entrenched in the search engines. Every year since the launch of our online store, our business has increased in the double and triple digits.

Myth #2: Putting Up A Good Looking Website Is Too Hard

Most people who are new to the web are afraid of the technical aspects of launching a website. In fact before I started my online store, I used to think that starting a website was too difficult as well. Then one day, a close friend of mine showed me his website where he was selling photos online. I was so thoroughly impressed with his online store that I asked him who he used to design his website.

When he told me that he did it all by himself, I was astounded because he did not know anything about web design. The truth is that all of the software is already written for you and it is completely free and easy to install. You can literally launch a full blown and fully functional shopping cart website with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Myth #3: Finding Products To Sell At A Profit Is Next To Impossible

It’s true. Finding products to sell by using the search engines and the Internet is difficult to do. Why? It’s because the Internet is full of scammers and middlemen who pretend to be wholesalers and are just waiting to rip you off.

In fact, looking online for products to sell using the search engines is probably the worst way to find wholesale vendors for your online store.

The truth is that most legit wholesalers don’t advertise online and rarely advertise at all. They don’t advertise because they don’t want every little mom and pop store contacting them to ask to sell their products. Instead, most wholesalers only want to deal with legit, honest businesses that can sell in sufficient volumes.

I will teach you how to find legit wholesalers for your store and how to distinguish the true distributors from the scammers so you can buy your goods at rock bottom prices. For those of you who do not want to store your own goods, I will also teach you how to run a dropshipped online store without having to carry any inventory whatsoever!


The “Create A Profitable Online Store Course” will walk you through the entire process of how to open a profitable online store.

Because the course covers every aspect of how to run a profitable online store, it is designed to cater to both brand new entrepreneurs and existing online store owners alike.

New Shopowners Will Learn…
  • How To Find The Right Niche – Look over my shoulder as I show you exactly how I brainstorm products to sell and perform keyword research for potential niches. Learn all of the tools and metrics I use to evaluate a niche for profitability. By the time you decide to pull the trigger, you will be confident that your business idea will be a good one.
  • How To Source Products To Sell – Learn how to import goods from overseas at low prices, where to find dropshippers and how to avoid the scammers and middlemen. I will provide you with the exact scripts that I use to contact vendors for the first time.
  • How To Set Up Your Online Store Website – Choose the right shopping cart to fit your requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are on an extremely tight budget or if you are technically challenged. The step by step video tutorials will hold your hand throughout the entire process. As a web developer and programmer, I’ll also be there to help answer your technical questions and point you in the right direction.
  • How To Rank In The Search Engines – Discover how and where to obtain quality backlinks to your store. I will also show you how to optimize the pages on your site for maximum search visibility.
  • How To Complete The Sale – Learn the exact techniques that I use to convince a customer to buy once they have landed on your website. I will show you how to use the advanced features of Google Analytics to find hot spots in your sales funnel and improve your conversion rate.
  • How To Use Pay Per Click Services – Learn how to market your store and make sales right away with PPC services like Adwords and the comparison shopping engines. Without proper instruction, it’s very easy to burn money with these services.
  • How To Generate Traffic To Your Store – Learn how to use social media, email marketing and other marketing tactics to obtain free traffic to your online store.
  • How To Make Your Business Legal – Learn how to get through all of the paperwork and red tape required to run your business legally. The course will also go over how to save money on your taxes by teaching you what business expenses you can and can not deduct on your tax return.

Here’s A Summary of What You’ll Get Access To On The Inside…

As soon as you sign up, you will automatically receive the comprehensive course materials in PDF format which are split up into 9 different modules each consisting of many lessons each. Each lesson details exactly what tasks you should carry out to move you closer to making an income with your online store. In addition to the course materials, the package also contains:

  • Lifetime access to over 120 in-depth video tutorials(over 60 hours and counting…)
  • Lifetime access to weekly live office hours and online webinars
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive member forums
  • Spreadsheets to help you find your niche
  • Worksheets to apply what you’ve learned
  • Checklists to make sure you don’t miss any details prior to launch
  • Questionnaires to you help you choose a shopping cart

Receive Instant Access To A Comprehensive Library Of Step By Step Video Tutorials

All of the tasks and lessons in the course materials are reinforced with over 60 hours of recorded video. Each video lesson is presented as a screencast so you can basically look over my shoulder and follow exactly what I’m doing.

After running this course for many years now, I know that starting an online store can be a confusing process, especially if you are a first time entrepreneur.

That is why I’ve laid out each lesson in chronological order so you can make progress on your entrepreneurial journey in a logical fashion.

Every module is comprehensive and covers everything you need to know – from picking a profitable niche all the way through marketing and optimizing your store.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the course ever going stagnant. As the ecommerce industry changes, new videos are constantly added to keep you up to date with the latest ecommerce trends.


What Topics Will Be Covered?

The “Create A Profitable Online Store” course materials are divided into 9 main modules, each of which are composed of many lessons. Each lesson stands on its own and will provide you with clear instructions on how to proceed. Below is an overview of what is covered in each module.

Download Steve Chou - Create A Profitable Online Store

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Download Steve Chou - Create A Profitable Online Store Download Steve Chou - Create A Profitable Online Store
 Download Steve Chou - Create A Profitable Online Store  Download Steve Chou - Create A Profitable Online Store

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