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Jan 10, 2015 | Growing business, Marketing

Social Media WORKS

(But Maybe You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong!)

Today, you have the option to change that, if you want to.


We’re Social experts and we’ve been using Social Media to build our business since day one and you’re here because you’re looking to grow your business online, right?
Well, Social Media is the best place to start, it’s HUGE, I don’t think we need to convince anyone about that!
It’s everywhere you turn online, and is even now being taught in schools. So if you’re looking to build your online OR offline business, then using Social Media is critical to reach your customers.
The problem is SO many people are doing it all WRONG, because there is no thought process, or plan in place, but it’s not your fault.
Maybe you just followed the wrong advice.

Being TOO BUSY doesn’t have to hinder your
Social Media Marketing.

It’s true – you may initially think it takes hours of work to maintain a consistent presence on all the Social sites, but it doesn’t have to!
We run our online Social Media training and consultancy business, whilst ensuring we take time off to spend with family, we go shopping, (Dan goes to the gym) and we even take several vacations each year, all whilst consistenly maintaining our successful Social Media presence.

We’re often asked: “How do we do it?”

It took months of deliberate planning, tweaking and testing to find out exactly what works, and what doesn’t. We’ve worked with the main 6 Social sites for years, discovered the content that works the best and developed Social strategies to implement what we’ve learnt.

If you want to see REAL RESULTS from Social Media, then you need to have a Social Media Strategy Plan in place.

Our Social Media now runs with very little work.

All thanks to our Social Media STRATEGY plans

Let us share with you how our Social Strategy plans help us to achieve Social Media success, year after year, and how you can have this too.

But first, let us ask you this: Would you be willing to invest a few hours in order to set yourself up for a year of success?

Social Fresh Start is a 6-Module Course

Watch & learn as Sue takes you by the hand and walks you through each module step by step. You’ll learn how to easily assess and record what you already have online, how to get the foundation of your marketing plan correct, easily identify the steps needed to perfect your social media presence, and how to build strong and loyal communities on all the main social sites.
You’ll also discover:

  • The step by step 20 minutes a day community building plan, to building large communities to market to
  • The 7 step formula for setting the perfect social media goals, which are realistic and achievable
  • The 6 stages to perfect content creation that entertains, engages and educates your audience
  • Where to get a never ending supply of quality social content and inspiration, quickly and easily
  • The step by step guide to creating a content calendar, to keep your postings right on track
  • How to create a weeks worth of social content in 1 hour, leaving you free to get on with your business

Download Sue and Dan Worthington - Social Fresh Start

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Download Sue and Dan Worthington - Social Fresh Start  Download Sue and Dan Worthington - Social Fresh Start
 Download Sue and Dan Worthington - Social Fresh Start  Download Sue and Dan Worthington - Social Fresh Start

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Sue and Dan Worthington – Social Fresh Start Contains: Videos, Audios, PDF´s….

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