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Feb 7, 2016 | Marketing


Instagram Training for Marketers

In an ideal world, we all want to be able to deliver quality work and consistent results for our clients. For social media managers, agencies, and virtual assistants it can be overwhelming to keep up with the rate at which the social media landscape is changing and involving. Instagram has become a leading social media platform and we want to help you offer this service to your clients without causing you to go insane.

How is one person supposed to manage and engage on multiple accounts and do it all efficiently and effectively?


We want to help you create a structure to go beyond the restrictions of a mobile application and create content on a social media platform with infinite growth and potential. We want you to establish yourself as someone that provides this service with quality, organization, and most importantly, results.




Why Insta-Academy?

The benefits are endless but here are just a few reasons why we know Insta Academy is perfect for you.

  • You’re learning from teachers with over 30 years of business experience!!
  • You have access to exclusive tutorials and special offers from all of our partners. For example Canva is giving 60 days free of their newest product Canva For Work for our academy members.
  • Networking support from others just like you in the program – and if you know anything about us, you know that our community is golden!
  • Our referral when people approach us to manage their Instagram accounts. You will be our first choice! You have the opportunity to grow your client base through us.


What’s Included?

  • 9 Live Seminars Calls with Sue B. Zimmerman & Jenn Herman
  • Ready.Set.Gram! Beginners Instagram Course ($197.00)
  • Exclusive Tutorials Directly from 10-plus Online Tools
  • Supporting PDF Resource Guides & Worksheets with Each Week
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group


What You’ll Learn

Week 1: Content Production

Frustrated with the time and process to collect content from your clients? In week 1 we’ll cover what you need to know simply and effectively stock up and create content that is Instagram-worthy. You’ll learn all of the components your client accounts should have in place as well as how to translate their voice into a descriptive post. You’ll learn the best questions to ask your clients when onboarding to nail their messaging and actually drive results.

Week 2: System Support

Communication is everything! If you’re not satisfied with your communication process between you and your clients this module will really help you create a system that works for you, your team members, and your clients. We’ll share the tools we use to collaborate, save files, download Instagram photos, and more that will increase your productivity.

Week 3: Desktop Management

Sick of doing everything from a mobile device? There are several amazing tools to help you manage your Instagram accounts from your computer. You’ll gain access to exclusive tutorials directly from these tools walking you through how you can use them to scale your activity. You’ll learn how to schedule Instagram posts, view hashtag activity, and segment followers into categories right from your desktop.

Week 4: Social Selling

It pays to know exactly how to turn an Instagram post into cash. But how exactly can you sell products right inside the app if there are no clickable links? In week 4 we share tools that will help your clients directly sell products and make money on Instagram without all the extra manual steps.

Week 5: Giveaways and Promotions

Everyone needs to understand how to execute a giveaway or promotion, and legally! In week 5 you’ll learn how to launch a giveaway for your clients and choose winners without losing your mind. You’ll learn the legal considerations you need to be aware of. And you’ll learn how to set the rules and guidelines that succeed in building awareness for your clients.

Week 6: Personal Branding

Gaining new clients is essential to increasing your revenue. And there’s more to it than just sharing social media tips online. In week 6 you’ll learn how to position yourself as a stand-out Instagram manager so that you attract the right people you want to work with. You’ll learn the best ways to market yourself on your own Instagram account and other social channels to bring in new leads.

Week 7: Legal Info

Ever wonder if your strategies fall in line with legal standards. There are many shades of grey when it comes to sharing photos, creating contracts, and re-purposing content. In week 7 we’ve brought in a guest lawyer to teach you what you need to know to protect yourself and your business.

Week 8: Analytics

With all your efforts how do you know if anything is paying off? What really matters? And how do you know if your clients are even seeing results? It all comes down to tracking your metrics. In week 8 we have 4 exclusive tutorials from Instagram analytics tools. We’ll teach you where to look for the right numbers that matter and how to track and deliver results to your clients. You’ll also learn how to coach your clients to share their success with you so that you have additional testimonials to use in the future.

Week 9: Tools Experts Use

So what are the social media pros actually using out there to see success? We’re bringing them to you with exclusive tutorials and PDFs from our peers. You’ll learn several of their go-to tips, tools, and resources to really scale your business and stand out in the digital marketplace.

Course preview and screenshots

Download Sue B. Zimmerman & Jenn Herman - Insta Academy Download Sue B. Zimmerman & Jenn Herman - Insta Academy
 Download Sue B. Zimmerman & Jenn Herman - Insta Academy  Download Sue B. Zimmerman & Jenn Herman - Insta Academy

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Sue B. Zimmerman & Jenn Herman – Insta Academy Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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