Tanner Larsson – Teespring Crash Course Training

Nov 4, 2013 | e-Commerce

How are Tanner Larsson and his students riding a new wave of crowd funding technology making it easier than ever before to create over $500.00 in weekly income from…

“A Product Everyone Buys?”

Tanner invites you to see for yourself how he gets
up to $2,023.39 a month selling a product people
are used to buying, t-shirts!

Without spending a penny or a second on inventory,
websites, subscriber lists, or pleasing Google!

I’m taking you by the hand, right into my business, showing you the real marketing campaigns I’m using to get paid every week. Here’s just a small taste of what we are going to cover:

  • How to sell 50 shirts a week without using a fan page or email list.
  • My campaign posting Formula for maximizing sales without pissing anybody off.
  • 1 easy trick that instantly increases your shirt sales by a minimum of 30%.
  • How to use an “options stack” to get buyers to purchase more than one shirt at a time.
  • A sneaky tip that earns an extra $1 to $2 profit per shirt.
  • 4 ways to profit from your campaign after it ends.
  • 2 free and 2 paid ways to sell shirts to people on Facebook.
  • Why banner blindness won’t be a problem for our Teespring campaigns.
  • What I consider the most profitable and long-term method of success with Teespring.
  • The proper way to utilize Teesprings ‘goal’ system to both drive sales and maximize profits.
  • How to properly leverage the scarcity factor so that it forces prospects to buy.
  • Exactly how to leverage the Facebook Ad system to get super cheap, but highly targeted traffic to your offer.
  • Niche marketers: How to use Amazon, Pinterest, and Google to find shirts perfect for your market.
  • How to search all past campaigns ever run on Teespring
  • How to price your shirt and my 4 favorite price points for my shirts (plus another price point I’m testing that’s doing very well).
  • What to put in your “Title” and “About this” sections to take economic advantage of the scarcity built into TeeSpring’s goal system. Most people aren’t doing this and it’s why they almost never sell shirts.
  • How to leverage the power of email marketing without the need for a list or an autoresponder.
  • A foolproof strategy for making each of your Teespring posts go viral on Facebook thereby spiking your profits.


And much, much more including live campaign creation, live Facebook demonstrations, and other advanced tactics for more selling power.

Get Paid Like This!

I’m making over $5,000 on a handful of campaigns and I believe you can do the same or better:

Download Tanner Larsson - Teespring Crash Course Training

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Download Tanner Larsson - Teespring Crash Course Training Download Tanner Larsson - Teespring Crash Course Training
 Download Tanner Larsson - Teespring Crash Course Training  Download Tanner Larsson - Teespring Crash Course Training

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Teespring Crash Course Training by Tanner Larsson Contains: Videos, Text Files, PDF´s

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