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Oct 28, 2022 | Getting Clients / Consulting, Marketing


What You Get:


Fast Client Formula

Discover How To Attract MORE Clients With Ease In 30 Days Or Less So You Can Build A Lucrative Coaching, Speaking, And Expert Business…That Impacts Humanity.



Never Ending Client System

It’s one thing to get clients in the next 30 days, but it’s entirely different to NEVER worry about getting clients EVER again.



Book More Stages

Discover How to Book MORE Stages With Ease in 30 Days or Less! YOU CAN build a lucrative speaking career and pack your life events while impacting humanity.



Sell From the Stage

Discover How To Close 20-80% of Your Audience From The Stage Without HardSelling. Do you speak or want to speak on other people’s stages?



Marketing Funnel Formula

Do you want a marketing funnel that sells your product 24/7 while you sleep? Would you like to have buyers coming in every single day?



Sales Videos That Sell

Are you scared to launch your product because you think no one will buy? When I first launched my product my sales conversions were sooooooo BAD!!



Objection Eliminator

Diffuse Any Client Objection in 7 Seconds or Less and Instantly Get Your Confidence Back. (On the phone or face to face). Every time you can’t handle an objection, it’s costing you thousands….



Selling Full Throttle

How to 3X Your Sales in Half the Time. The Sales System for Selling Millions Worth of Products and Services. You’re losing 50-100% of revenue per week without the RIGHT sales process.


01-The 1000 YouTube Subscribers Formula\
02-The 10K INSTA Followers Formula\
03-Dream Clients Delivered\
04-Message to Millions 3.0\
05-The Ultimate Online Advertising Bundle\
06-Superstar Speaker Training\
07-Automated Webinar Machine\
08-Book More Stages\
09-Fast Ad Creation Formula\
100-Marketing Strategy That Brought Me $2 Million In Sales\
101-Creating a Digital Course That Sells Itself And Attracts The Perfect Client\
102-Get 10 Clients In 10 Days\
103-VIP Training – The Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your Business Online\
104-The Ultimate Sale Closing Success System\
105-Create The PERFECT Video Ad In 30 Minutes\
106-How to Create A Tiered Coaching Program That Triples Your Income\
107-Teaching Your Online Course Via Webinar 101\
108-Ultimate Online Program Creation & Sales Jump Starter\
109-Expert Online Business Copywriting 101\
10-Fast Client Formula\
110-VIP HOLIDAY SPECIAL – The Ultimate Digital Dreamer Business Success Blueprint\
111-Beginner’s 3 Steps To Launching A Business Online Formula\
112-Master Making Money Via Facebook Groups\
113-Ultimate LiveStream Sales Creation Formula\
114-Creating A Profitable Online Content Strategy That SELLS\
115-Creating Your Perfect Pitch & Offer With Ted McGrath\
116-The Million Dollar Message and Story Creation Formula\
117-Online Coach’s Signature Group Program Builder\
118-VIP Exclusive – 2022 3 Day Brand Building Challenge\
119-Unskippable YouTube Ad Creation Blueprint\
11-Full Throttle\
120-The ULTIMATE Mastermind – Creating A Profitable Business in the 2022 Landscape\
121-Ted McGrath’s Expert Team-Built Online Business Launcher\
122-Easy Online Audience And Client Builder\
123-$5K in 14 Days (Tiny Audience Monetization Blueprint)\
124-Business Copy Template SUPER Pack\
125-The ULTIMATE Online Business Technology And Planning PDF Bundle\
126-Creating Sales Systems That Run on Autopilot\
127-Ultimate Sales Call Closing Success Formula\
128-Social Media Ad Optimizer To 3x Your Sales\
12-High Achiever’s Lifestyle & Business Blueprint\
13-High-Paying Client Enrollment Training\
14-How To Make Your Dreams Come True\
15-Launch Masters Series\
16-Limitless Abundance\
17-Limitless Confidence\
18-Marketing Funnel Formula\
19-Marketing Masters Map\
20-Marketing to Millions\
21-Never Ending Client System\
22-Objection Eliminator\
23-Product to Millions\
24-Sales Videos That Sell\
25-Sell from The Stage System\
26-The Content Creation Strategy\
27-The Easy Email Marketing System\
28-The Group Program Builder\
29-The Online Course Multiple Streams Of Revenue System\
30-The Scale To Millions System\
31-The Storytelling Marketing System to Grow Your Brand\
32-The Ultimate Mastermind System\
33-FB Ads Launch Training\
34-Guest Speaking Online Business Launcher\
35-3 High-Selling Email Campaign Strategies\
36-The Double Your Clients Referral System\
37-The 30 Day List Building Bundle\
38-The Fast YouTube Ad Creation Formula\
39-30 Day Virtual Business Launcher\
40-1 Day Sales Page Launcher\
41-Generating Fast Revenue Through Strategic Partnerships Formula\
42-2 Day Opt-In Page Launcher\
43-Perfect Enrollment Call Formula\
44-Virtual Coach’s Ultimate Success Formula\
45-24 Hour Course Creation & Accelerator Formula\
46-The Ultimate Value Stacking System\
47-Fast Lead Generating Accelerator\
48-Double Your Conversions Sales System\
49-3 Day Idea To Profitable Brand Training\
50-The FAST Profitable Virtual Event Planning Formula\
51-Digital Money And Business In The 21st Century\
52-Easy Drag and Drop Sales Funnel System\
53-7 Figure Program Design Roadmap\
54-Webinar-Based Fast Income Creation Formula\
55-Subscription Based Virtual Business Design Formula\
56-5 Day High Paying Client Attraction Formula\
57-The Online Speaking Business Design Roadmap\
58-Social Media FAST Success Formula\
59-High Achievers Selling With Confidence System\
60-The At-Home Professional Webinar Launcher\
61-Ideal Audience Quick Targeting System\
62-4 Step From Home Podcast Launch System\
63-Ultimate Virtual Consulting Business Launcher\
64-10K Email List Building Formula\
65-The Ultimate At-Home Content Video Creation Formula\
66-Online Course And Program Sales Masterclass\
67-The Ultimate Live Seminar Group Program Launcher\
68-7 Key Ways To Communicate Your Message\
69-Entrepreneur’s Network Building Masterclass\
70-4 Crucial Ways to Get Paid What You’re Worth\
71-10 Minutes To 125 Clients\
72-5 Steps To Creating An IRRESISTIBLE Offer\
73-10 Minute Facebook Video Ad Launcher\
74-The Multi-Million Dollar Online Business Automator\
75-60 Minute Expert Coaching Program Designer\
76-Creating A Mini-Course That Sells For You\
77-90 Minute Ultimate Webinar Creation Guide For Beginners\
78-5 Ways To Create Online Cashflow To Run Your Business\
79-Coaching And Consulting Rapid Client Booking Masterclass\
80-The Online Experts Profitable Message Discovery Formula\
81-30 Minute Instagram Explosion Formula\
82-4 Ways To Sell Your Course With NO Ad Spend\
83-Ultimate Facebook Audience Targeting Guide\
84-Ultimate Scalable Service-Based Product & Program Creation Formula\
85-4Hr Multi-Channel Sales Funnel Creator\
86-Online Program Builder’s Course Creation Masterclass\
87-Profitable Program Core Topic Discovery Formula\
88-Building Confidence To Ask For What You’re Worth\
89-5 Step Coaching And Consulting Success Blueprint\
90-3 Ways To Know Your Idea Will SELL\
91-4 Ways To Stop Procrastinating & START Your Online Business\
92-30 Minute Story That SELLS Blueprint\
93-The Ultimate Online Business Opt In Generator\
94-4 Step Business Growth Accelerator\
95-Launch A Profitable Marketing Campaign – 7 Days Or Less\
96-Expert Coaching Program Structure Creation Guide\
97-Coaching And Consulting Program Pricing System\
98-How To Book HIGH-Quality Appointments Fast\
99-4 Step Strategy To Add $10,000 Per Month To Your Coaching Business\

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