Your PROVEN Blueprints For Creating Your First Information Marketing Windfall In 90 Days Or Less!

The Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint includes my personal money-making blueprints I’ve been exploiting for the past 40 years to the tune of 7-figures each and every year for as far as I can remember.

These are the ONLY blueprints that walk you through step-by-step what to do to create your first info-marketing windfall in 90 days…even if you’ve never created a business in your entire life…

… or you’re shackled to your business and are looking for a solid second stream of income to liberate your time and income so you can give yourself a “breather”…

…or you’re just getting into business and are looking at different models…from franchises, brick and mortar, to coaching and consulting.

With Information Marketing, you don’t have to have a fixed location, you can set your OWN hours and you can have as many or as few employees as you’d like.

I used to have as many as 43 employees.  Nowadays I have just one…my trusty assistant, Vicki, and I like it better that way.  My typical workday is 7-4pm…except for days I’m racing the horses…then my day starts a little later.

The point is that The Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint gives me the autonomy, freedom, and certainty most businesspeople (current or wannabes) will NEVER obtain in their lives.

Oh, and there is little or NO capital involved, hardly ANY risk, and it can be a fun and fascinating business!  I’ve been doing this for 40 years, and I can honestly say I’ve NEVER been bored!

Oh another thing:

There Are No Speed Or Money Limits When It Comes To This Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint!

Is it realistic or routine to zoom from zero to thousands or tens of thousands a month in just a few months?

Yes.  Realistic. Routine.  And if real wealth is an objective, there’s no other business I know with better margins…and with bigger opportunity than Information Marketing.

Despite what you may have heard from other marketers and your peers, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting rich quickly.

When you deposit checks, money orders, or PPTM payments into your bank account, they don’t tack on a bonus for making the money “slowly”, nor do they add on a penalty or “tax” for making the money too quickly.

Very often “getting rich quick” is looked down upon as “hokey” or something that is just for other people who happened to get “lucky” or do something wrong and immoral to earn that kind of money.

In David Schwartz’s book The Magic of Thinking Big, he talks about “negators”: people who automatically dismiss an idea because they think it won’t work, or believe it’s an outright lie.

This includes the notion that one can “get rich quick”…and that it’s just for people who break the law or scheme people out of a lot of money.

However, there’s one truth about these people: chances are they have never gotten rich quick, or achieved any modicum of success themselves!

However, if you ask successful people, like the many 6-figure and 7-figure earners who have followed this ultimate Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint, they’ll be the first to tell you that it IS possible to “get rich quick” because they’ve done it over and over again.

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover In This 6-Module Info-Biz Blueprint:

Module #1:

Foundations Of Information Marketing

  • The 4 foundations of a successful information marketing business you HAVE to build your business upon…otherwise you’ll end up wasting time, money, and resources (not good!)
  • The power of accomplishment and how you can leverage this in your information marketing business…even if you’ve never started a business in your life (This is something I employ in ALL my businesses).
  • The #1 thing that Howard Stern, Oprah, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’ Reilly have in common that you should be employing in your information marketing business…this is how you transcend “content” and put yourself on another level.
  • The 2 most important factors in an information marketing business that’ll give you an unfair advantage in your marketplace—thus being able to command higher prices and sell more than ever!
  • Why it’s not just about the teaching and content when it comes to your information marketing business…and how you can employ 2 simple things in your business to generate a HUGE demand for your services.

Module #2:

Conversion, Inspiration And Picking Your Market

  • The secret to maximizing your information marketing profits that goes beyond what your competition or other marketers are doing (6 and 7-figure businesses are born thanks to this simple concept!)
  • How to gently raise the level of your buyer so they’ll buy more expensive products from you (this is the “bread and butter” of any successful information marketing business…and if you don’t include this you’ll always struggle…)
  • The secret to cherry-picking which prospects and customers are more than likely to do business with you so you can ignore the “duds”…this is how you make the REAL big bucks!
  • The key to identifying a niche that will give you money hand over fist…and develop a relationship with your prospects that’ll have them begging for more (this is something most information marketers miss out on!)
  • How to reach a niche affordably without breaking the bank—it’s something that can sink ANY information business no matter how experienced you are.

Module #3:

Types And Sources Of Product

  • The secret to creating rock-solid information products in as little as 2 hours…even if you have never created a product in your life (this is how you forever banish “perfectionism” entirely!)
  • Why most people are dead wrong about what makes people REALLY buy…and keeps them buying over and over again (get this right and you can write your own ticket!)
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most information marketers make in market research, and how you can use it to stay at the leading edge in your field (failure to do so will allow you to get gobbled up by your competition!)
  • Discover the keys to successful entry-level products and how to choose the right option for you so that you give people enough while making them want more…
  • The vital importance of the Flagship Product to your info marketing business and how to ensure you create the most appropriate one for your long-term business success!
  • Discover how licensing your products and services can be a fast way to profit – and see how I’ve done this so I make more money while the licensees also enjoy major benefits.
  • Discover how viral products can help grow your information marketing business – and your profits – fast; allowing you to make money while leading huge volumes of prospects directly back to you!

Module #4:

Your Ideal Customer And Lead Generation Processes

  • The untold truths to targeting people who don’t object to price—once you have these people as customers making money is like gravy!
  • The little-known mechanics of lead generation and how you can have your prospect actually pay you for being a lead—thus absolving any risk whatsoever on your part (this is “money”!)
  • The best types of lead generators you can start testing—some work and some don’t so you might as well get “hip” to this before wasting tons of time, energy, and experiencing heartache!
  • Sneaky but legal infiltration secrets that’ll allow you to piggyback on other people’s content and build your success on the back of others (don’t worry this is legit!)

Module #5:

Lead Generation, Fulfillment And Blueprints

  • How to siphon more people to your online and offline event—and the secret most people will NEVER know that’ll jam-pack every event (I am a master of this!)
  • Specific examples of PROVEN lead generation campaigns other businesses have used to generate their ideal customers, clients or patients (all you have to do is swipe and deploy and you’re all set!)
  • The secret to identifying ideal speaking opportunities that’ll be lucrative and generate a slew of leads for your information marketing business.
  • The keys to fulfillment—what to do when someone buys your lead generation products and how to follow up (most business really screw this up—not good!)
  • Why failing to monetize your leads can cost you so much that you can no longer afford to generate leads—this is the death knell of most businesses and here’s what you need to do to prevent that from happening!

Module #6:

Income Sources, Keys And Coaching

  • The secret to generating multiple income streams for an information business and how to make sure each one doesn’t disappear into thin air.
  • How to harness live events to generate more income for your business so you can build your income even more (you don’t have to speak in front of 5000 people either!)
  • The key decisions you have to make before every single live event—get these wrong and you can totally BOTCH up your event and throw away thousands of dollars!
  • How to use coaching as a powerful vehicle for your information marketing business and the different types of coaching offers you can make (many people just want someone to guide them so they can get results fast!)
  • The untold “Portal Blueprint” model of coaching that can deliver very high income with little effort—most coaches don’t know this and settle for meager fees and extra stress.
  • …and a whole LOT more!

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Download The Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint - Business Building Blueprints Download The Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint - Business Building Blueprints
 Download The Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint - Business Building Blueprints  Download The Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint - Business Building Blueprints

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