How To Create A Magic Money Machine That Turns $1 Into $4 (Or More)

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Money-Making Goodness…


How Average Marketers Can Create Multi-Million Dollar Funnels

Presented By: Todd Brown,



You’ll discover…

  • 3 ways to INSTANTLY make your product stand out from everything else being offered to your prospects
  • One simple trick that helped Agora Inc. go from $15 million to over $150 million per year! This has NOTHING to do with copy, offers, traffic, product development, or building a team… This one thing will change the way you look at business and growth forever!
  • Tips and tricks that the world’s best copywriters use to connect with their prospects and quickly turn them into buyers… (Don’t worry, you can use this too even if you’re terrible at writing copy — this works for ANYONE!)



Agora Financial’s Newest Copywriting Technique That Cranks Out Million Dollar Promotions In 14 Days Or Less…


You’ll discover…

  • How to write lightning fast copy even if you’re not a copywriter and have “blank screen syndrome” every time you sit down to write
  • The one page “Sales Flow List” that saves you time and prevents you from filling your copy with boring facts that hurt conversions
  • The one thing Joe does with his marketing team each week that guarantees every sales promotion makes at least one MILLION dollars (discover how you can “copy and paste” this simple formula into your business!

Presented By… Joe Schriefer,

Agora Financial Executive Publisher.



The Hidden Marketing Funnel Message Structure That’s Generated Millions Of Dollars For Todd…

Presented By…Todd Brown,



You’ll discover…

  • How to “set the hook”… 5 things you must do at the beginning of every marketing funnel if you want to ensure your prospects hear every word of your message
  • The simple method you can use to make your prospects want your product before you even mention it
  • Stop guessing at the length of your funnel or how many steps you need to profit… you’ll get a step-by-step guide for easily determining the perfect length of any marketing funnel



The 8 Things Your Offer Must Have If You Want To Get Double-Digit Sales Conversions

You’ll discover…

  • 11 types of offers and how to use each one of them for quick bumps in your conversions
  • The 7 things you MUST know about your competition to get the highest conversions possible
  • An old-school copywriting trick that knocks prospects off the fence and gets them to buy (this trick alone can make you six figures

Presented By…Lawton Chiles.

Copywriter for Digital Marketer and Frank Kern



The Highest-Converting Email Follow-Up Sequence Working Today

Presented By…David Perrera.

E5 Funnel Agency Director


You’ll discover…

  • The one thing you must know before you write a single email if you want to maximize your profits from your email list
  • The best way to increase conversions of your unconverted leads in your email follow-up sequence
  • Boost sales conversions by harnessing the power of “email funnel alignment…”



The Backend Marketing Ascension Process That Can Bring You 260% Or More In New Bottomline Profits…

You’ll discover…

  • The secret of “The Backend Score” and how to use it to instantly know the best offer type to make your customers next
  • How to know when the time is right to present your first backend offer to your new customers
  • How to exponentially increase your profits by focusing on this one segment of your email list

Presented By…Teddy Garcia,

Marketing Funnel Mad Scientist



How Eddie Went From $1,719 To $2.2 Million Dollars In Sales In Just 36 Months

Presented By…Eddie Coleman,

New Millionaire Marketer


You’ll discover…

  • How Eddie created his own expert-level marketing team that stuffs millions of dollars in his pocket starting with less than $2,000 in his bank account (money, or lack of it, is NEVER an excuse)
  • Get the exact steps to Eddie’s growth which has him on pace to make $4.5 million in 2016
  • The simple exercise you can do to quickly discover exactly what offers to present to your marketplace Plus, a lot more!




The Paint-By-Numbers Process To Double Your Business In 2017

You’ll discover…

  • How to properly plan products, projects, and setup your marketing calendar
  • The key to properly projecting your financials so you’re setup for big success
  • The key to mapping out your backend, finding new traffic, and getting a firm grasp on your customer acquisition strategy


Presented By…Damien Lanfranchi,

Chief Operating Officer




The NEW Marketing Funnel Model That’s Completely Unknown To Average Marketers…

Presented By…Todd Brown,



You’ll discover…

  • The under-the-radar marketing funnel being used right now by the biggest direct response companies to get thousands of continuity customers (the best part is, no one in the IM world is doing this yet… you could be the first!)
  • How to use this powerful model to ethically make a fortune giving other people’s products away for FREE
  • The simple steps anyone can follow to setup this “top secret” funnel right away (regardless of prior online experience or tech skills)




The Big Opportunity In 2017 – How To Acquire Customers Using The Brand New Facebook Live Funnel…

You’ll discover…

  • Why Facebook Live is so powerful and how to get in on this very rare window of opportunity for some of the easiest money you’ll ever make online
  • How to get started with Facebook Live even if you have no FB fans currently…
  • How to make your Facebook Live streams stand-out from the crowd with very inexpensive, pro-level apps that no one is using

Presented By…Curt Maly,

Blackbox Social Media


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