Download Video Sales Letter Formula (Requested)

What is a Sales Letter?

More or less its a letter written specifically to target a particular audience to persuade them to make a specific purchase, or leave their email, or some other measurement of successful conversion. The salesletter is designed to be informative and should appeal to the needs of the reader.

The old style sales letter would show up in the mail box or the newpaper. Now they are designed on landing or ‘squeeze’ pages, direct to your email, and can also be found in forums, Facebook, and all sorts of ingenious places. The online sales letter is a form of internet advertising.

The newest sales letter is the VSL or video salesletter and it converts like crazy. Welcome to the age of video advertising.

How to write a Salesletter

The first thing to do is to get your targeted customer list. This doesn’t have to be an email list – but know who you are writing to. Decide on your ideal client and cater to them.

What is your solution that you are offering that will address the ‘pain’ of your customer. How will you ease their pain.

Here are a few tips to making an effective salesletter

1. Establish authority and trust: if you have high profile endorsements or testimonials – flaunt it.

2. Get cool quick: by the second paragraph you should be coming out as the smart dude or dudette that you are with all the great stuff you are bringing to the table. Be special, not boring.

3. Call to action: absolute must – don’t assume they KNOW what to do.

4. Give them a reason: give them the answer to ‘why now’

5. Be sincere: be you – don’t just sell, sell, sell.

Ryan Deiss is a long time established and successful internet marketer. Ryan did a split test and found that the Video Sales letter totally out performed the old style sales letter, he switched. That switch DOUBLED his conversions and his sales in just about all the markets he tried it in.

You yourself have seen the old salesletters and they have been with us for a long, long time because they have traditionally worked well.

But we marketers are growing up and into video – even some really BAD video salesletters do well.

This internet training called the Video Sales Letter Formula

Ryan shows you the nitty gritty formula of how to put together a winning video sales letter (VSL). Write it, record it, and host it. Wouldn’t you like to have your own sales letter website? Wanna know how?

Learn all the strategies that Ryan has used to put together some of their biggest converting sales messages in a very long time. These are strategies that you can begin to implement immediately so you too can pump up your conversions and sales.

The training is in 5 parts:

  • The 3 MUST HAVE’s that your video salesletter needs to convert
  • 12 steps to take in making a fabulously hypnotic sales message
  • Why “Ugly” outperforms “pretty” VSL’s in most markets
  • The 3 absolute best choices for hosting your Video Sales Letter
  • Sneaky little tricks that will help you to get the MOST out of your video traffic

Course preview and screenshots

Download Video Sales Letter Formula (Requested) Download Video Sales Letter Formula (Requested)
 Download Video Sales Letter Formula (Requested)  Download Video Sales Letter Formula (Requested)

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