These are the exact same blueprints Walter Bergeron used to engineer his own $10 million dollar payday when he sold his business for top dollar – and now he doesn’t have to work another single day for the rest of his life.

“The Exit Strategy Master Plan” includes a System binder along with 4 DVDs and 4 CDs. You will also get a CD-ROM with all the worksheets in editable form. A separate Toolkit binder that has 100+ examples of legal documents and a special Do It Right Deal Analyzer that’ll speed up the process of selling my business (more on these later).

The strategies I’ll discover in “The Exit Strategy Master Plan” is stuff I won’t find anywhere else… neither in a book on Amazon, or in a course I can find on the Internet. So I’m getting specialized information that could speed up my financial liberation when I sell my business.

Here’s A Taste Of What I’ll Discover In This Program That’ll Put Me On The Path Of Financial Liberation:

  • How to find the ideal BUYER for my business, including examples and worksheets that’ll take me by the hand and guide me through the entire process (this sure beats “conventional wisdom” when it comes to finding out how to get TOP DOLLAR for my business).
  • The secret to getting the top PRICE for my business, including the top 10 potential buyer threats and opportunities. This section by itself is enough to pay for the entire course because it shares little-known “secrets” most business owners will NEVER know when it comes to selling a business.
  • The SYSTEMS I’ll need to create in my business so I can make my everyday business life run smoother, while also making my business more attractive to potential investors.
  • How to cleanly transfer ownership of my business and how to make even more money outside of my deal. This is the “missing link” most business owners forget about when they sell their business, but the “$10 Million Dollar Man” sets the record straight here.

PLUS I’ll Also Get a Toolkit Binder That Comes With

the Following Invaluable Tools – LITERALLY Worth

FAR More Than The Core Package Itself:

  • Shortcut Legal Examples – We all know that when you do any type of transaction in your business there is paperwork, well the same goes for when you buy and sell a business – so Walter provides over 100+ examples for me to use to both speed up the process of engaging my team as well as preparation for selling.
  • Do It Right Deal Analyzer – This tool will make the implementation of this proven system work even easier for me. It will allow me to quickly, efficiently and accurately analyze which companies would be best suited to pay top dollar for my business.



The Exclusive “GKIC University Series” on DVD/CD… you won’t find a more power-packed course catalog on success anywhere else on the planet. Here’s what this includes:

  • Multiplying Your Income
  • The ESSENTIALS to Writing Million Dollar Ads & Sales Letters BOTH Online & Offline
  • The ESSENTIALS of Productivity & Implementation for Entrepreneurs
  • Income Explosion FAST START Tele-Seminar with Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and Lee Milteer

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Download Walter Bergeron & GKIC - The Exit Strategy Master Plan Download Walter Bergeron & GKIC - The Exit Strategy Master Plan
 Download Walter Bergeron & GKIC - The Exit Strategy Master Plan  Download Walter Bergeron & GKIC - The Exit Strategy Master Plan

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Walter Bergeron & GKIC – The Exit Strategy Master Plan Contains: Videos, PDF´s, Documents, Audios