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Jun 27, 2015 | Amazon, Copywriting

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“Discover How To Create Your First $1k

Per Month With Self Publishing, In 60

Days Or Less —- Or Your Money Back”


“Follow my simple step-by-step system to building ‘little passive income

streams’ with Amazon Kindle that pay you month-after-month” …


Get Started in Self Publishing The RIGHT way …

We’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to. Self publishing success comes down to the following:


Finding Lucrative Niches

The No.1 factor determining your success in self publishing, comes down to niche selection. We’ll show you how to find lucrative HOT (proven) niche topics in minutes.

Book Construction

How to know EXACTLY what your book should contain and how to get the content written in the quickest time possible — without writing a single word. (Unless you want to).

Launching & Marketing

Successfully launching and marketing your book comes down to some very basic principles of leveraging the largest e-commerce platform in existence: Amazon.


Here’s Everything You Need To Succeed

With ‘Non-Fiction’ Kindle Publishing

Here’s How We’ll Do It …


Module 1: Overview & Setup

This module looks at how to achieve a passive income with this course. I touch on mindset and try to get you clear on the goal for the next 60 days without distraction. We also touch on the publishing models that you need to choose between and also how to setup your account with Amazon KDP.

Module 2: Market Research

In this module we start to analyse the Kindle marketplace and look for opportunities for you to tap into. Once you find a niche market that you want to exploit, we then need to understand the audience in that market to create content just for them along with a book title that will resonate and make them pay attention to you.

Module 3: Creating Your Book

Here’s where your research in Module 2 will be critical to your success. It’s now time to start putting the pieces together to craft your book, cover design, hook and killer title. With strategies for writing the book yourself and outsourcing guidelines and templates – we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Module 4: Listing with Amazon KDP

Once you complete your book, the next step is to get it live on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. In this module we talk at length about the process and walk you through ‘step by step’ all of the options you need to complete in order to list your book. We also look at pricing, royalties and discuss the advantages of KDP Select.

Module 5: Marketing Your Book

Now you’re cooking! You’ve found a bestselling niche, done your research to find out what the market wants and created your book. Now you need to make sales, and that comes as a result of marketing your book. This module will look at the options available and discusses a simple plan to generate ‘consistent sales’ by just leveraging Amazon themself.

Module 6: Maintaining & Boosting Sales

Your book is up on Kindle and you’re making sales – great work! … In this module we’ll discuss strategies to maintain those sales and boost them even further. Specifically, we’ll discuss the main criteria for sales of Kindle books and how to market your book outside of Kindle using effective strategies that are proven to work.


Get Started TODAY – here’s what you’ll get:

  • 6 modules and 25 step-by-step videos – watch over my shoulder as I walk your through the entire 60 day Kindle self publishing system.
  • How to make your FIRST $1k per month -this system is designed to create your first $1k per month online and show you the steps. Then, it’s just a matter of scale to grow your income to whatever you like.
  • How to create ‘best selling books’ – Kindle publishing shouldn’t be hit and miss … here’s how to pick niche markets that you know in advance will sell and make you money.
  • How to create irresistible hooks and book titles that ensure YOU get the sale. Hint: If you understand your market better than your competition — this becomes ‘oh so simple’.
  • Know EXACTLY what you book should contain – plus, the easy way to create your TOC, map out your book and get it written in a few days OR outsource the hard bit to an expert writer for cheap – we’ll show you how.
  • How to market your book & leverage Amazon the RIGHT way to ensure you get maximum exposure of your Kindle eBook and make maximum royalties from FREE promotions.


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Download Wesley Atkins - Kindle 1k System Download Wesley Atkins - Kindle 1k System
 Download Wesley Atkins - Kindle 1k System  Download Wesley Atkins - Kindle 1k System

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