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May 27, 2021 | Getting Clients / Consulting, YouTube, Youtube Ads

The Scale Youtube To Workshop Recordings Package

Presented by Greg Davis
Instructor: Youtube Money Man

  • How to structure your account for infinite scale and infinite testing, the #1 thing that sets Youtube apart from Facebook.
  • Youtube A-Z, from the fundamentals to exactly how multi-million dollar accounts are built and managed at insanely high ROI
  • The difference between FB and Youtube, and why YT is better positioned for getting in front of the right audiences that ACTUALLY WANT TO PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCT. Consistent Returns + Unlimited Traffic = Infinite Scale.
  • The difference between losing money on YT and a 4X ROAS
  • How YT gives you full control to create as many variables as you want, to be able to test MILLIONS of potentially profitable combinations.
  • What to promote on YT
  • Creating video ads for affiliates and product creators.
  • Mapping out your funnel and segmenting your campaigns. This is not just retargeting, this is creating custom customer journeys!
  • Day 3 ‘In your account’ Hot seats and Campaign builds. Bring a campaign you are already running and have Youtube Money Man audit your account and give you exactly what you need to increase ROI and be able to scale, or bring a product
    that you want to promote and have him map out the campaign with you.

…and much more.


Michael Hendrex
Hermosa Beach, California

Download YouTube MoneyMan - Pajama Profits

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YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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Download YouTube MoneyMan - Pajama Profits Download YouTube MoneyMan - Pajama Profits
Download YouTube MoneyMan - Pajama Profits Download YouTube MoneyMan - Pajama Profits

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