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Sphere of Influence (Early Adopter Self Study PILOT Version)


WHAT YOU GET in André Chaperon – Sphere of Influence – Andre Chaperon Course:

* The CURRENT version of the content is 90% long-form text, which is ROUGH & INCOMPLETE (this current version is still my initial unedited “brain-dump”).

* You’ll get ALL FUTURE UPDATES to this one-off SELF STUDY version, to the point that you’ll essentially have the same content as LIVE WORKSHOP, but without the live video interaction, feedback-loop, and project-based nature (where execution is REQUIRED).

* You’ll be added to a private (secret) Facebook Group (so I can extract feedback, and help answer questions).


* This is NOT a TRAFFIC course. Acquiring traffic is not covered at all, and this won’t change in the future. Your ability to ALREADY acquire (high-quality) traffic (free or paid) is a PREREQUISITE and PRESUMED.

* This is not MAGIC. If you’re seeking out a magic-bullet, this isn’t it, and this training is definitely not for you (read: DON’T BUY!).


* You’re an EARLY ADOPTER by nature (read: you’re OK with buying something that’s incomplete, and helping make it better through execution and feedback).

* You’re ABLE and WILLING to (1) WRITE COPY and BUILD stuff that’s IMPERFECT, (2) give FEEDBACK, and (3) work to IMPROVE your results through a process of iteration.

* If you’re an ACTION TAKER, not just an INFORMATION JUNKIE.

* You CARE about building an AUDIENCE worth serving & MATTERING to.

Course preview and screenshots

 Download André Chaperon - Sphere of Influence  Download André Chaperon - Sphere of Influence
 Download André Chaperon - Sphere of Influence  Download André Chaperon - Sphere of Influence

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