Brent Dunn – Pop Ads Domination

Jun 5, 2017 | CPA

Can’t Make PopAds Profitable?

Learn exactly how I setup profitable campaigns on Popads step-by-step by being part of the Brent Dunn – Pop Ads Domination course.

What Topics Does the Course Cover?


1. Understanding the type of traffic you are buying

As performance marketers, our job is to match traffic with offers. What that means is we need to find people interested in our products or services.

Instead of going in blindly like most advertisers, you’ll learn not only how to increase your chances of finding traffic that converts for your offer, but also how to avoid competitors stealing it from you.


2. How to fully take advantage of the targeting options PopAds provides.

PopAds has TONS of targeting options which can be overwhelming.

In this course you will learn what each targeting option does and the best time to use them.

Knowing this section alone will likely allow you to make your current campaigns profitable.


3. Structuring campaigns for efficiency and scale.

When working with PopAds, it’s important that you setup your campaigns in such a way that allows you to find and edit them quickly.

I teach you exactly how I’ve managed hundreds of campaigns at a time on the PopAds platform by showing you how I structure my campaigns from the ground up.


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Download Brent Dunn - Pop Ads Domination Download Brent Dunn - Pop Ads Domination
 Download Brent Dunn - Pop Ads Domination  Download Brent Dunn - Pop Ads Domination

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